TOPIC: Revealing God’s Glory (2Cor. 3:18)


TEXT: Acts 2:1-3, Ephesians 4:13.

MEMORY VERSE: Hebrews 10:25.


Unity means togetherness. It is a state of being undivided. Now, Unity can be good or bad; meaning people can come together or unite for either a good or bad cause. As Christians, our coming together should be for a good cause. The unity of Christians would give room for the expression of the presence of God. From our text [Acts 2:1-3], we should note that the disciples were all gathered together in one place when the Holy Spirit descended on them. The Bible says they were in one “accord” [Acts 2:1]. Reading further, we’ll realize that their unity brought about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but it would interest us to know that the giver of unity itself is the Holy Spirit. The Bible makes us realize that by one Spirit are we baptized as one body [1Cor. 12:13]; so this explains to us that the Holy Spirit is the one who unites the Christians [Ephesians 4:3-6].


1. Manifestation of the Spirit of God; Just as it happened in the upper room, tongues like fire sat on them and they were filled and they spoke in different tongues [Acts 2:3].

2. The Consciousness of being partakers of the divine instruction/blessing; Acts 2:4 of our text says they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. It wasn’t mentioned that anyone was left behind, No, they were all filled and drunk in the Spirit [Acts 2:4]. This makes us all partakers of the divine instruction/blessing.

3. Soul winning; It was recorded that even the multitudes who gathered to know and see what was happening were added to the Church and their souls were won for Christ [Acts 2:41].

4. Love; The disciples, still in one “accord”, were able to inculcate the act of giving generously among the congregation [Acts 2:44-47].


The ills of disunity among Christians are;

1. A house divided against itself in plan and heart cannot stand [Mark 3:25].

2. Disunity hinders the move of God [1Cor. 3:3-6].

3. Disunity permits the work of the flesh [Gal.5:18-21].

4. It incurs the wrath of God [Joshua 7:1-32].


  • The Lord bestows His blessings and even life forevermore, when there’s unity [Psalm 133:3].


As Christians, we should not give up meeting together as some people are in the habit of doing, but we are to encourage one another even with love [Ephesians 4:11-13]. Gathering together promotes peace, unity, understanding and encouragement. It also helps us to know that we are not alone and it opens up the Heavens for God’s blessings to reach us and for the Spirit of God to manifest. We should note that on the day of Pentecost, some people made fun of the disciples saying they had too much wine and were drunk. We as Christians may be mocked too, even Jesus was mocked and spat on. But, this should itself be encourage us to strive better and not be discouraged, but rather pray for them and invite them to Christ, just as the disciples did. We should never forsake the assembly of ourselves together and always allow the Holy Spirit take full charge.