080320_Fresher’s Welcome Service/Academic Symposium

TOPIC: Now That You Are Here
TEXTS: Prov 30:25-30

-Now that are here what next?There are several people that come to something else,there are people here not to study but for another form of activities.Now that you have admission you must be prepared and ready to face challenges.

There are Three Categories of Student:
-Absent Minded One : These are student have no purpose,no ambition,no set goals and they have no mind to succeed here in futa.
-Fearful: These are student that afraid of failure,afraid of dropping out,afraid of exams and test.They are always afraid of everything that is facing them.
-Focus/Determined Ones:These are student that have strong determination to excel.They have set goals and that are diligence in their pursuit.

Things that can hinder you:
-Lack of Purpose: A man without a purpose will not have a excellent result.A man without a purpose that cannot achieve anything in life because he/she has no set goals and there is determination foe success.
-Slothfulness/Laziness: Any student that slothful or lazy in his/her studies cannot have good success (Ecc 10:18). Any student that have take the standpoint of sleeping cannot achieve much in life.
-Procrastination: Postponing your reading will leads to failure,taking diligence for all what you are involved in is important but the most important thing is your academic.
-Lack of Perseverance: There are difficulties,Challenges,trials and temptation that you will face,but in everything you have to overcome in order to build yourselves,withstanding trials and temptation is important for growth not looking back but taking note of those errors and taking better steps to do better and overcome your limitations.
-Tiredness: Everyone is tired,but if you can be diligent enough you can overcome tiredness in order to do what is necessary.

Practical Step For Academic Success:
–>Know the scope of each course.
–>Prepare Adequate for each test,assignment and exams.
–>Have a working Timetable.
–>Set Goals for the semester and be diligent enough to work toward that goals.
–>Maximize the limited time you have and don’t allow people to disturb you when the time your have purpose for you reading. Don’t ever assume you know when you don’t,meet with people that know to explain better.
–>Diligence and Perseverance is needed for you to go far in life.
–>Put God first. John 15:5