100320_Knowing the will of God

TOPIC: Knowing the will of God
TEXTS: EPH 5:15-17


– The will of God is to enlighten us, to broaden our view
– The will of God is personal in certain ways to his people.
– Knowing the will of God is for us to work circumspectly, not as fool but as wise.
– The will of God is the communication of God’s desire to us as His followers.
– The communication of God is for our own personal life and the will of God for our life is based on His kingdom.

Dimensions of the will of God:
1. Written will of God: 2 Tim 3:15-16
The written will of God is for instruction in righteousness HEB. 4:12-13. The scpriture is the perfect tool that we can use to know the will of God. The study of the scpriture is the first dimension of knowing the will of God. The scpriture is a guide that directs our path to know the will of God.
2. Revealed Will: DEUT. 20:29
The revealed will contains personal matters of our life. Revealed will is personal to each individual and contains personal secrets of God to us, the will of God concerning personal matters comes as a revealed will Joel 2:28.

Ways to Know the will of God:
– Dreams
– Visions
– Prophecies
– Revelation

How to Know God’s will:
1. Through the word of God : Through studying of the word of God and mediating on his word his will becomes clear to us. Ps 119:105
2. Prayer: Prayer is another means of knowing the will of God. Alignment must be made in order to access his will Phil 4:6.
3. Fasting
4. Consecration
5.Godly Counsel Prov. 15:22.
6. Surrendering your desire and denying your flesh of worldy desires. Ps.24:4 ; Rom.12:14.