TOPIC:Godly Marriage and Godly Home.

TEXTS:Gen 1:26-28 ; Gen 2:18-25


  • The reason for the failure in marriage is that people has not grasp the mystery behind marriage
  • Marriage is a life not to be tolerated but to be enjoyed
  • The ultimate purpose of marriage is that kingdom vessels will dominate as the reason for marriage


  • Must of the people nowdays want already made partner;but it must not be so
  • The first thing to look for in a partner is Godliness and readiness to call on the name of the Lord.The value to seek for in marriage is Godliness
  • The second thing to do is to avoid pressure and force.We should not allow force and pressure compelled us to marriage
  • The third thing to look for is the will of God and your own will; your own will must not contracdict the will of God
  • The fourth thing is that dont think that you change people to suit yourself.You cannot change people.
  • The fifth thing is that dont look for financial capabilities; look for idea generator
  • The last thing is tribal differences.You must check and understand maybe you can bridge the tribal difference between you and your partner
  • Above all ,prayerfully determine the will of God for your life.There are many voice speaking,is the relationship between you and God that help you to discern his voice from others voices.It is better for an engagement to be broken,than a broken marriage
  • After the choice,there is a Waiting period.This a period where you and your spouse study each other.The waiting period is aperiod is a time to seek for advice and help from married and older people.

Things to do after marriage:

  • There must be a leaving and cleaving physically.
  • There must be an economic and financial and cleaving.
  • Don’t allow any inflence in your marriage.
  • Marriage is made for companionship;you must be open to yourselves