Topic: Walking in God’s way

Text: John 3:1-7



  • Walking in God’s way has no duplicate .
  • When you pray and the prayer is being answered don’t jubilate too much, instead be ready to go deeper in Him.


Pre-requite conditions for walking in God’s way. John3:1-7

  • 1.You have to be born of the Spirit.Gen.6:3
    Without being born again anything you do will keep
    happening is striving and struggling.
    2. You must be born of the Spirit to walk in the Spirit likewise, a man that is born of the flesh will always walk in flesh, just as Jesus told Nicodemus.

Before we can start walking in His ways, We need to be redeemed from slavery, a price has to be
Paid and the price we have to pay for redemption is sinless blood which must not be of a man that is born of the flesh.


Implication of walking in God’s way 2 Cor.5:17

The blood of Jesus is the only thing that is needed for our atonement.

For old things to pass away, nature must be changed. 2 Cor.5:17

Without the Law we wouldn’t have known the meaning of sin or what sin is.

There are three types of righteousness:

  1. Righteousness of the Law
  2. Righteous of the saducess and Pharisees
  3. Righteousness of man


Walking in God’s way has precepts and conditions.

You need to be transformed from the old nature to the new nature of Chirst.


To start walking in God;

  1. One must acknowledge that there is a sinful nature in him/her and you can’t overcome it until you come to Jesus.
  2. you need a change in your spiritual condition.

Determination or developing strategies cannot prevent man from sinning.


To redeem a slave, price has to be paid, and the price to be paid is a sinless blood (must be of the blood of one of His relative).

Walking in God’s way must begin the day you got converted in Christ. 2Cor.5:17

Without correct and true regeneration, the old things cannot pass away.

What makes one Christian is not by rules and regulation.

There must be a change in our Spiritual condition for us to walk in God’s way Rom.6:14

When the flesh is dictating, it keeps the body under subjection. Rom.7:15

To be engage with God, you must acknowledge your sinful nature.

Not everyone who dress or act like they are saved by their consistent coming to church or their service in the church are actually saved. Matt.7:21-23

Always seek after righteousness and pursue to walk in His ways Luke 9:23

Some facts about faith:

  • Faith is not a destination on it’s own, it is a journey.
  • Faith is a journey that starts the day you give your life to Christ.
  • If your faith is not producing action, your belief is fake.

Faith is not faith until it begins to produce an action in you. James 2:26