Beyond your flawless understanding

Infinite in wisdom

Master over all

Forecaster of the end right from the very beginning

Yet you let the loosed dog out of your fortified dungeon

Dashing towards mortals

Flesh and blood with little wisdom

A fallen race abandoned at the battlefront in an unknown land

If only perfect judgment could reveal what is to come

Just like the diviner forecasting a fortune

The man of doom would not have been named

The splendour of your awesomeness

Model of admirable beauty

Wrapped with the finest of diamonds and most expensive rubies

The best of precious stones

Yet a catastrophe in disguise.

Never beyond your power Mighty one

Your limitless intelligence knows no bounds

Faultless are the works of your hands

Discerner of the beginning and the end

But the clash of the titans

I have been made to bear

This I’d embrace till your awesomeness I behold

Then I’d lift up my brows and say —

I’ve got a question