I hope when you go on your knees and pray to God,
You have faith in Him…

I hope you trust Him enough to let Him have His way,
Because many times when we pray, we also include the answers we

We dictate how we want things done…
We let our expectations take the best of our requests…

Cast your cares, He says. Hold on a minute, we say;
It can be so difficult to avoid the urge of telling how we want the

But of what testimony is a miracle planned out?
We ask for directions to a place and also point out how we’d like
to take an uber because we don’t do cabs anymore…

Fasting and praying, we ask for a life partner, notwithstanding
having a picture of a particular shape, size and color; even
variations in character, including religion…

We request for provision, then paint a picture of what we expect:
through a magical call/ favor from a parent, friend or even
contract held down for a while…

We dictate, dictate and dictate how we want it done!
But God is also full of surprises too…

He could simply have let bread rain from heaven like manner
but NO! He’d done that already in sometime past.
”His plan for us are of good and not of evil to give us an
expected end”,

How difficult it could be to avoid that urge…
But of what a testimony is a well-planned miracle?
What surprise could a proposal make to a woman when she plans
the big event, asks the big question and also gives the response

God is full of surprises,
We’re filled with requests;
Have some little faith, let Him enjoy the light in your eyes when you
see the answer to those requests.