Academic talk




  1. What motivates you?
  2. Little things that helps us in achieving our goals
  3. Watch your health
  4. Iron sharpens iron
  5. It all has to do with relationship



Motivation is what keeps us focus, what keeps us going in achieving our set goals in life. Motivation keeps us active alive and always ready to give in our best in what we are doing.

Motivation can either come from our own personal make ups: to get sponsored, to always having the will to succeed … or people around us like our family, people supporting us in achieving our goals…



We need to understand that success is not made in a day but rather, is as a result of the things we did (process) in achieving the success. There are little things we don’t really take serious before examination starts, we treat them as little so, we don’t focus our strength to it. A drop of rain they say, make a mighty ocean

Some of these little things are:

  • Attendance in classes: Though, it might look negligible but can be the cause of having 58(C), 59 (C), 68 (C), 69 (C) instead of having 60 (B) or 70(A). Even attending classes regularly helps a lot because there are some demonstrations of the lecturer you will never forget even while writing exams.
  • Short tests: We should not always treat short test as if “I can still cover up if I don’t do well in it”. Just like the case of attendance, a 5 mark test can affect one form having a good or better grade. We need read for test as if we are reading for our examinations because most test that cones early can be just from two or three topics you’ve treated in class while fro examination, you need to read the topics you did in that semester which can be 8-11 topics.



Health is wealth” people say, which simply means if you are in good health, you can still achieve anything but the major word of concern is the word “Health”. Who you are depends on what you eat. So, is advisable to always eat balance diet. Doing this will help us not to fall sick which will affect our study period or time, also not missing class…


From the scripture proverb 5:17 “iron sharpens iron, so does the………… “ Of every principle or advice we can give, it is important to note that our relation with people (course mate, lecturer, friends…) can help us to doing in well in our academics and other areas of life. For example:

  • Even when we have one or two things that might be what motivates us, let us also know that sometimes, there will come sometimes where we might be discourage probably because of our test results or other factors. People around us are those that help us to be revived.
  • Also in our tests, assignments, attendance, materials, friends can be of a great help to us in getting materials across to us, doing well in our test and assignments, also information that might be urgent.
  • Health wise, we should not be secretive when we have people around us for urgent help like in area of finance.




Having said all as possible as we can, we need to understand the fact that:

  • Even at the beginning each semester, we set goals we want to achieve but as days goes by, factors keep arising to shift us away from achieving that goal, such factors like test, issues from home… but with the help of the kind of friends we have around us, they help us to keeping our goal, motivation intact. But it all depends on the kind of friend we have.
  • Likewise in our department, we need to relate well with the right people with people that shares similar goals as we do. They help us in terms of urgent informations, materials that we might not have heard about which can be very helpful, getting financial help in times of urgent needs, just to mention a few.
  • Also, health wisely, a student can not function well in class (tests, assignments, attendance…) if such student is not in good health and that is why is very important that we pay important attention to our health by eating good food and not depriving yourself of it when you have the money, also, when you are expecting some amount of money from home, you can seek for help or assistance from your friend just to cover up at that particular time.

But above all that anyone can give to us as friend or as helper, the greatest person one should have a solid relationship with is Jesus, He bring the right people we need to achieve our goals and also direct us to meet them at the right time, but if our relationship with Him is not solid, how can we know what He is saying concerning what are might be passing through?

When we go on our knees to pray, hope we don’t only pour our heart and go? Hope we don’t lay our complains and leave? As Christians we need to also hear from Him when we go to pray, to see His perspective concerning our challenges because is until we see the way God sees things, that is when we can exercise faith but if we don’t see it on God’s perspective, we will only be full with our own thinking and guesses.

Concerning the issue we might be into, lets be sensitive enough to know what God is saying. Only until then, we can be confidence in the midst of storm.