Most times in life,
In the name of accepting reality,
People assumes our about others:
They draw wrong out of nothing.
They would have done the same for right,
But choose to ignore that as an option.

When they are to decide,
From the point of initial observation,
The type of character possessed by another.
They fancy expecting the worst,
Over believing the best in them.
Especially for someone with an ill record.

Not one human, if asked,
Would choose to draw enjoyment,
From having people think woozy of him.
But the same man in question,
Would relish no text ending the same to others,
Whenever he gets the charge to do so.

To people fashioned like this,
Their lot in life is quite lonely.
This is due to their nonacceptance,
And their inability to see better,
In the actions of others,
No matter how noble these actions are.

Anticipating the best in others,
Might not rule out disappointments.
Because unlike what others do,
The concerned fellow keeps an opened mind:
Trying to give room for good notions only.
So, people take advantage of this opportunity.

But, not minding the discomfiture,
That would still have surfaced,
Even if they were earnestly expected,
The good open minded guy,
Enjoys a life of rest and less worry,
Just by expecting others to work credibly.