Topic: Revealing God’s Glory 2nd Cor.3:18

Sub- Topic: Prevailing Prayer (Praying in the Holy Ghost)
TEXT; 1Cor. 14:10-18, 1Cor. 2:1-16

God loves us so much that He has lavished diverse gifts on mankind (Eph. 4:8). These gifts were given for us to be able to develop genuine relationship Him. One of these gift is speaking in tongues which is totally supernatural. The gift of tongues is a divine ability given to a believer, by the help of the Holy Spirit to speak languages he/she never learnt. The gift of tongues is never a learned language. Instead it remains language given by the Spirit.
Tongues refers to “LANGUAGES”. Strange tongues would be those that are unknown. We are reminded of Paul’s statement in 1Cor. 13:1: “I may be able to speak with the languages of man and even of angels”.
The gift of tongues is one of the commonest of the Spirit’s gifts which is very important to the body of Christ. In this study, we would aim to understand all that pertains to it.

We all need to know that the gift of Prophecy is perhaps an important gift to the Church for edification (1Cor. 14:4b). However, in several ways, speaking in tongues is equally as important. Here are the reasons:
• It is a gift every believer can possess (1Cor. 14:5)
• It is a gift we can manifest anytime and anywhere.(1Cor. 14:28)
• It is the primary gift of the nine spiritual gifts by which the believer can be built up. (1Cor. 14:4, Jude 20).
• Tongues are languages of the Spirit (1Cor. 13:1a) and God is a Spirit (John 14:4); so it helps our Spirit to communicate to God expressly. This is much more effective than the human understanding (Romans 8:5-8).
• Our Spirit prays anytime we pray in tongues. (1cor. 14:14)
• When we pray in tongues, we pray in mysteries. (1Cor. 2:1-16)
• When we actually pray in the Spirit, it helps us to pray the way we ought to pray. (Romans 8:26-27)
• Speaking in tongues is a sign to an unbeliever (Acts 2:12-13, 1Cor. 14:22)

• It is not to bring confusion to the body of Christ; there must be orderliness in the church of God. There must be a time and place for other activities in the service—revelations, word of knowledge, prophecy, doctrine, psalms, hymns interpretations. (1Cor.14:6 &26)
• Speaking in tongues in the service must be interpreted (1 Cor.14:27).
• Those who speak in tongues in the public areto keep silent if no one is present to interpret (1 Cor.14:28).
• Speaking in tongues is not to be forbidden (1 Cor.14:39).
• It is for edification and not for show off.
• You are to speak in tongues not the Holy Spirit; the spirit is to speak through you. (1Cor. 14:14).
• The Holy Spirit is neither a wind, or fire or storm, but He manifest through those means. This does not mean we have to feel some kind of wind or storm before we can pray in the Spirit.

If we prophecy, it is actually for the edification of the church. When we pray in tongues, we may not understand what we are saying because we are not speaking to men but to God (1cor. 14:1). So when we speak in tongues we are actually speaking mysteries into our lives, future, and as well building up ourselves in the knowledg