Text: Mark 11:22-24

What is faith?

Assurance of things hoped for and evidence of things hoped for.
Beliving when there is nothing to believe.
Faith is a substance of things hoped up, the evidence of things not seen.
Faith is believing in endorsing only God’s word as true.
The subject called faith is a very important thing in our Journey with God; that is the reason why He is bringing to our remembrance, “…for by faith are ye saved.” Ephesians 2:8

  • The word Faith can be used to establish powerful things in Christ. In faith, you don’t need physical evidence. Matthew 7:7.
  • The Word of God is the substance of our faith. When you hold up with the word of God, you can put your own life on it cause the Word of God is God himself.
  • Faith is an establishment of “now I believe now I receive.”
  • Faith prompts actions.
  • Faith causes a shift in position. James 2:14-17. Faith without work is Zero. You need the power of faith to believe and receive everything that the Lord has said concerning you. James 2:21-24; Mark 11:24. We receive when we pray through faith. when you pray for something, begin to act that you have received it by faith.
  • Engage faith even when you pray. Faith is not subjected to sensual feelings or what we have.

Actions of faith

  • Faith manifests through our tongue – 2 Corinthians 4:13. And it must go according to what has been written or what He has spoken to you.
  • Faith is a Mystery; 1 Timothy 3:9, and it must be well upheld.
  • Faith is something that operates beyond the natural sphere. Matthew 9:20
  • Faith is a weapon; Ephesians 6:16, Daniel 2:27