Mixed Multitude

Text: Numbers 11: 1-15

As it is in the Bible, so as much we have it today in our Church. Meanwhile, any place mixed multitude are found, there is a limit to the move of God.

Who are the mixed multitude?

Mixed Multitude are those who are still attached to the life of Egypt. (Egypt is referred to as a place of slavery). Numbers 11:4,

Traits of the Mixed Multitude

Mixed Multitude:

  1. Always have an influence on the Israelites (the sons of God) Numbers 11:10,
  2. Always go against God’s provision or plan.
  3. Cannot be satisfied with what God has provided for them. Luke 7:34
  4. Are ingrates and unthankful. Numbers 11:6
  5. Carnal-minded, they pay more attention to what they can see with their eyes only and not on spiritual things. Romans 8:
  6. Are strangers to the promises of God; Ephesians 2:12.4
  7. Cause God’s people to go against God’s will.
  8. Always cause people to doubt God. Numbers 11:23
  9. Make leadership difficult for the leaders; Number 11:12, Hebrews 13:17

Being Out Of The Mixed Multitude
There is a need to wash or sanctify yourself;  James 4:8, Hebrews 2:11,
Be planted in the word; Psalms 12:2
You need to be of one mind; Philippians 2:2
Honor one another Philippians 2:2-4
Avoid murmuring, complains Philippians 2:14,
Comfort and edify one another, 1 Thessalonians 9:11
We must be of a humble heart; James 4:6, Romans 16:17-18