• There are many position a prayer man can use.
  • Rev. 1:6…hath made us kings and priests unto God…
  • A saved man is to pray as a prince… we are born again into praying.
  • Life outside His presence is different from life inside His presence.
  • Just like our breathing is subconscious, we are meant to live our life in His presence.
  • Not all wisdom are from Zion.
  • When a man misses it in marriage, such mistake will affect generations that comes out of such person.
  • Matt. 6:32-33…all these things do the Gentile seek…but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness… Christians have missed it by seeking for things that the gentiles seek after.
  • When a man prays in the presence of God, he can not pray amiss.
  • The assignment a man carries preserves him from danger.
  • The coming of Jesus Christ was to make is establish as kings and priests.
  • The need of God is that there are more hearts of same likeness and image.
  • Raising men of intercessors is far more important than raising big buildings or structure as a church.
  • Prayer is beyond receiving from God, is also about communing with Him.
  • prayer is required as an immediate need, is meant to be a lifestyle, daily life so, the day a need arises, their would have been prayers to settle it.
  • Intercession meetings have become a normal public meeting where many people do not even understand what intercessor really means.
  • Becoming a prayer person is not enough, we must live a righteous, pure life so our prayer can ascend up to God without having impurities which does not allow our prayer ti ascend…Hebrews 12:1…we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight…
  • Prayer is to be seen as a partnership. Not that God is limited, but He have given it to us to determine what happens here on earth…Psalm 115:16…even the heavens, are the Lord’s but the earth hath he given to the children of men.
  • Matt 6:10…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is n heaven…their must be a man who will ask for the will of God before His Will can be done.
  • The presence of God is an: Environment and the Face of God.
  • Falling down in a meeting is not enough, we must hear what God says before we make any move.
  • When you wait on men, you will become weary but, when you wait on God, He renews your strength.
  • Our location to prayer is not here on earth, we must access God’s throne…Our Father which hath in heaven... Luke 11:2
  • We need to do away with distractions when we want to pray and while praying…especially with our devices.
  • In the Lord’s prayer, the coming of His kingdom is the first important thing before anything.
  • Faith does not come by reading of the scripture, it must be by hearing God speaking to you on whatever issue(s) you maybe passing through.
  • The expectation end after praying is that we must hear God.