Spiritual Perception is the ability given by God to man to perceive his mind, is the grace of God to man to align to his throne and take the information from the mind of God and to dispense it according to his mind. It is the ability to understand the language of the spirit and to judge things from God’s perspective.


1. Spiritual perception is the act of knowing the mind of God by your spiritual senses. Spiritual perception is not about head knowledge or the emotions of man but the knowledge of the spiritual.

2. A man that is carnal cannot know the will of God only them that have tapped into eternity and drawn out reality from the realm of the spirit, it is the when you have close relationship with God that you can be able to do this. Without spiritual perception the presence of God cannot be known, we are able to discern the move of God when our spiritual organs are revive and active.

3. Spiritual perception is but for spiritual people who have nurtured their senses with the grace of God and by the reason of use can be able to discern good and bad.

4. Spiritual deadness does not mean that you don’t have the spiritual of God, it means you are not putting the spirit of God into action in your life, when you are not yielding to the voice of the spirit.

5. When a man’s spiritual senses are dead, it poses great danger to himself and to them that are modeling themselves to be like such and the environment or community he resides. A man that cannot perceive the move of the spirit is prone to errors and will only lead so many people astray such as Hymenaeus and Philetus from the Bible 2 Timothy 2:17-18.

6. We hear GOD through our mind, the bible says in Romans 12:2 that we should renew our mind, the lord speaks to us through different medium and our journey with him is only by our faith. 1COR 2:14-16

7. A man will fall into errors because he will be controlled by his emotions and the thoughts of other people, then he/she will be liable to plans of the devil and will not be able to discern the voice of God and the voice of the Devil