What would you do when life stares intently at you? How would you respond at the very brink of failure? Would you recline and throw up your hands, or would you rather roll up your sleeves and be ready to go all in?

I was faced with these questions after an inauspicious debut in my freshman year. I had the option to choose between the two options – choose to accept defeat or accept the circumstance as a threshold for a new beginning.

It started after checking my first result in the university. You don’t get such memories twice, especially for a student in her first year.That moment of anxiety combined with the desire to get the first crack of at my supposedly chosen course… I went in to the examination officer’s office that fateful day along with my friends knowing fully well the results haven’t been officially released, this was just a routine check for anyone who really cared to know their grades before the official release date. The tension on ­­faces as they left the office; the mood seemed to be fair that day as I quietly watched standing just by the entrance to the reception. “It’s going to be alright, don’t panic girl,” I said to myself, as I walked into the office. In no time I found myself at the desk, my feet starting to quiver from panic.

“Have a seat young lady”, the voice seemed calm and auspicious. I was asked to provide my details as he ran a check for me on the laptop facing him. He spotted my name and as though a rehearsal, he recited my matriculation number.“Come closer and see for yourself”– the voice to me motioning for his table.

Faltering eyes, shaky hands, stuttering voice… the best I could do was to stifle a tear. Yeah! I had to suppress water running down my cheek as I walked out of the office, acting as if nothing was wrong. Where do I go on from here? Where did I get it all wrong? Or better still who did I offend? Those question kept popping up my mind while I narrated my ordeal to my friends. I just wouldn’t get answers to my every question that moment when one night defied the morning.

We all get to experience shortcomings at some point in our lives. It could seem as if the world was turning over, about to swallow you up at the time of trials. I stayed awake all night reassuring myself that when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going. From that night I decided never to accept failure as an option, and I was determined to get back on track no matter what it takes. One thing was very clear to me, I was culpable for my frustration. I admitted that only I was the cause of my result deficiency, taking responsibility for my own actions. No more complaining and excuses, you just didn’t prepare well. It’s high time you woke up and burned the candle.

Here is the point – never allow failure define you. Take it up as new challenge and be determined to overcome. Not until I realized that fretting wouldn’t salvage the whole dilemma I was in, that I had to move onto a better version of what God has planned for me. Did I forget that day? Apparently NOT. Ever since then have I realized that in one moment of resolve lies the best recovery from failure. The best recovery from our shortcomings, whatsoever,“IS FIRST THE ABILITY TO SEARCH WITHIN FOR ANSWERS BEFORE FIGHTING BACK WITH THE STRENGTH GOD HAS BESTOWED UPON US.”