TEXTS: EXO 33:15 JHN 3:2


  • The presence of a man is revealed by His strength (Glory).
  • God is presence, every where but does not manifest His presence everywhere.
  • The word Apostolic week suggest the move of the spirit of God
  • The amount of God presence you carry determines how far you go in life.
  • We must release the things that will not have us enjoy God’s presence fully,leaving behind all the weights of sin that easily deny us of His presence.
  • The more of God’s presence determines how well we can go.
  • Exodus 33:1- …..And the Lord said unto Moses,Depart,and go up hence,thou and the people…..
  • You can not enjoy God’s presence from afar,you need to move closer to God…Exo. 33:11(…but his servant Joshua,the son of Nun,a young man,departed not out of the tabernacle).
  • Some people can not take anything from God because the do not have the capacity yet to take it.
  • What distinguish a man is the presence of God.
  • Anything is permitted to happen to a man that is not a carrier of God presence.
  • A man may not see the presence at work but people around knows if you are a carrier of God’s presence or not.
  • A polluted man can not be a carrier of God’s presence and the presence of the Lord carries the power of the Lord.
  • The more of Holy Ghost in you ,the more of the power you carry.
  • The presence of the Lord is the power of the Lord.So,when you carry His presence ,you carry God’s power.
  • The presence of God can manifest for a call into service.
  • His presence can come to bring deliverance……like in the case of Israelite.
  • The presence of God manifested in the beginning of creation…..The trinity is involve when it comes to creative miracle.
  • The pillar of fire at night and pillar of cloud by day is a manifestation of God’s presence….serving as the protection.
  • The presence of God comes to demonstrate who God is….like the man Elijah who called down fire.
  • When you carry the presence of God,other gods surrender to your big God.
  • When you carry God’s presence,no danger is permitted to happen to you even if in the mist of danger.


  • Psalms 24:3,4….who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord … He that hath clean hands and a pure heart;who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity…Psalm 15:3
  • Self denial from the things of these world…Matt 16:24…(Then said Jesus said unto his disciples,if any man will come after me,let him deny himself ,and take up his cross…).The flesh gives way for the devil to always come in,
  • The presence of God is God,so,we must be living a holy life to carry a holy God.
  • The cross of Jesus Christ crosses out our own will…to accepting His will.
  • Deliberate will to carry His Cross… Luke 14:27…And whosoever doth not bear his cross,and come after me,cannot be my disciple.
  • A consistent following of the Master…1 Cor. 11:1…Be ye followers of me ,even as I also am of Christ.A carrier of God’s presence must be a consistent carrier of God.
  • A change of the orientation that you are no longer of the World…Let your lights so shine before men…and glorify your father which is in heaven.
  • A man prepared to pass through pain…
  • Carrying God’s presence is a deliberate action.
  • if you want move with God,you must drop every luggage…just like the way eagles shed off their feathers so, it can be able to be balance even in the heavy wind blowing.