• To reach out to the lost youth of The Apostolic Church that is still within and outside the church.

  • To engage in Bible study and teaching which will build the youths to become useful vessel in the church.

  • To further assist in inculcating the spirit of true evangelism in the youths of The Apostolic Church.

  • To serve as a unifying force or an instrument of unity both within and outside the church.

  • To uphold The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision of the first century.

  • It is to be a forum for the youth to show by example the living in unity of the scripture as well as teaching it.

  • To help in reaching the little children through Sunday School, child evangelism and other useful programs. TACSFON is not a revolutionary group against The Apostolic Church or the system. She is in cooperation with the church for the reign of true Apsotolic vision of attending to Biblical doctrine and fellowship (Act 2:24) and the expansion of the answers to every need of man.

  • This is a religious oragnisation which is obliged to give moral teachings to its members as laid down in the Holy Bible.

  • To show Jesus Chirst to the whole world as the Author and finisher of our faith and the only saviour of mankind.

  • To cater for the welfare of it members both spiritually and physically. T(o assist members in case of financial need and organise programs, tutorials among others for academic excellence).

  • To give useful suggestion as regards the development of education in the church.