Text: Mark 10: 46-52

As a Spirit man, we must be able to get our timing. If we miss our timing, it will take the grace of God and a very long time to locate it again. If we miss our timing, our visitation can be postponed or aborted. If a man does not take his time and season serious, it will cause havoc, because in the future he will only be wishing to go back in time which cannot be possible.

There are things that will want to deny a man his day of visitation; garment of pride, boast, laziness. If we want to get a revival in our generation, we must be ready to off the garment, without which we cannot able to partake in the visitation of God. God will never visit a man that is not ready to put off from him/herself the garment of sin.

Is your vision intact or the affairs of life has taken it away? Bartimaeus’ vision was to see again, even when Jesus asked him, he was still able to retain his vision. For a man to be relevant in life, his vision must be active in any circumstance that he might meet himself. Genesis 32.

If a man lose his vision, it will be very hard for that man to have direction in life, because his focus will be shifted from one vision to another.